I've always found it hard to talk about myself, so instead how about I just give you a sneak peek on my family. Which makes my husband and I the people we are. We have 2 beautiful daughters, a spirited little boy, 4 awesome mini schnauzers, a new soon to be New Bundle of Love, and a fantastic family.

Our oldest is a gorgeous blue eyed blonde, who is funny-smart-goofy-fun and the list goes on. She always has warm hugs and a big smile. Little kids always love her and drag her off to play, which she never minds. She always plays with the little ones even if she is a big kid. I know other big kids are "I'm too cool for that" she isn't. She prides herself on being fun & different, which to me makes her the coolest!

My middle daughter...oh my she is hilarious! She is always knows what to say to lighten the mood or get you to laughing. She is a brown eyed beauty. She is feisty, short, and something else. She keeps us on our toes, yet she is mature for her "many years" LOL. She is very much a Momma's girl and no one can say differently. But very athletic like her Daddy, they are always playing around outside and inside.


Our spirited little boy, he is all boy!  My husband and I had a hard time getting pregnant and keeping pregnant.  So when we found I was pregnant in 2013 we were surprised and worried.  It took me breaking my foot for us to carry him.  Apparently God said "you're going to sit down and not go anywhere for 16 weeks+!"  Which of course was hard (I hate keeping still too long), but very much worth it.  When it was time to have this tough little guy, I almost did not make it. (We'll just leave it at that).  He has brought our family together, put a skip in our step, and lit up our world!!!  We cannot Thank God enough for him.  He thinks his sisters are his world and no one else can have them; and let me tell you they feel the same.

Our 4 mini schnauzers are very attached family members. Princess is the oldest and alpha, she is my dog....kinda. Princess is pretty much everyone's, she is protective and extremely smart. Everyone knows to not cross her, she gets even LOL. Tipper he is my husbands & oldest baby. He doesn't like other men around any children that sleepover or come play with the girls. But he is a HUGE lovey kind of dog. The biggest mush pot if your a kid. Chunky Munk is my youngest daughters baby. And boy does he know he is the baby. You get close and he rolls over for you to rub his belly. He always shares his toys, whether your human or dog. CB is our sons dog.  Since he was born and our little guy saw him they have been buddies.  They are not treated like your everyday dogs, we talk to them and they answer. Yes they answer, weird as it may be.


Well we found out in the Fall of 2016 we were going to be Blessed with another little Bundle of Love.  And we cannot wait to meet them!

My momma...not your everyday mom. She has always been there no matter what. Always believed in me and supportive. I know I can count on her to be by my side thru anything. She is a blue eyed, opinionated, intelligent, wonderful person. She has always encouraged me to help others, keep my word, and say my opinions/thoughts.

My grandparents, even though they are no longer together, have been like parents more than grandparents to me. Their ranch near Abilene has been home for me all my life. Occasionally I shoot down in that area when asked, it's a favorite area of mine! I couldn't imagine ever not being without them.

My my mother in-law & father in-law are absolutely awesome! My father in-law is a loving, excellent, caring oncology nurse at a big hospital in town. He is a great father to my husband & his brother. But an even greater grandfather to my kiddos. I like to think of him as a new age hippy of sorts, extremely laid back-fun-caring-loving-smart-goofy man. And wouldn't ever want him to change. My mother in-law is a sweet, very intelligent, funny, fun, supportive, encouraging, unique, amazing woman! Ya know most people do not like or love their mother in-laws, but ME I look up to her, admire her, and from the bottom of my heart love her. Between her and my mom they have been shoulders I've been able to lean on when I'm feeling low or things just not going right in life.

I know this wasn't "About Me" but these people are the ones who shaped me to the warmhearted, loving, giving, person I am....I should say we because my husband and I are very much the same but very different too.

Sarah & Justin Mabery

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P.S.P. We've added a new member to our family: C.W. Mabery was born March 11th, 2014!