Spoil U Photography: Blog http://spoiluphotography.com/blog en-us (C)Spoil U Photography spoiluphotography@yahoo.com (Spoil U Photography) Sun, 27 May 2018 18:26:00 GMT Sun, 27 May 2018 18:26:00 GMT New/Update 2018 http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/5/new/update-2018 New/Update for Spoil U Photography

SUP will continue, but here are the changes:
-we will be slowing down a bit, in the near future SUP will be rebranding.
     Will be offering:
          *New Born
          *Seniors & lil Grad's
          *Birth & (Select) Fresh 48 New Borns
          *Weddings & Small Events (only will do large events for Non-profits)
         *And Special Things 😁
-most sessions will be more all inclusive, meaning they will have all digitals. Only select package will remain with specifications (123 Grow with Me being the main one). Prices will reflect this.
-no more ABC Grow with Me.
-weddings & events will be combined to offer 3 options, in the past I try to meet everyone's wants & everyone's wants are too vast lol.
-legacy will still be around, no changes there. We love this program & the people in it.
-And I will be sticking to the policies alot more. No more having a ton of leeway.
      -last year over 3G's in shipping. And we do not want to talk about how many freebies or give aways. But I have to stick to my guns more to be able to offer freebies and give aways to those who deserve them. Not to mention I'm tried of being ran over or used and lied to (sad I know, people true colors have really shown their ugliness and pettiness. I hate drama so I keep away/drift away).
     -payment plans: once late will have 20% fee added onto that payment. It's been a part of our payment plans since the beginning.
-shopping around for a new website hosting service. That crash has about done me in and made me lose my hair! I've lost lots of money due to it.

So I'm simplifying my life & sticking to policies lmbo!

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NEW Legacy Proram http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/4/new-legacy-proram This will begin April 12th, 2018.  And it posts on my social media at this time too.




goes into effect today!

Legacy program

*Your kids and grandkids under 13 years old receive a FREE Birthday Mini Session & 3 digi-downloads (Value: $75 each session)
*Have a Senior Graduating? Then they will be given 3 FREE 30 Minute sessions just for Senior Pictures. And then purchase whatever you want with your discount (Value: $600)
*Fun MINI Sessions we have thru out the year are normally priced at $55 to $150; but your special price is $25 each. And you still receive the advertised items. Only exclusion will be when we do an all-inclusive super special, your price will only be $50 each, unless states by SUP.
*Prints and Products at a special price menu no offered to the public.
*Special discounts on events, weddings, misc.
*NEW - Free Family Session in the Month of April/May
*FREE Family Christmas Session in October; you receive 10-4x8 Customized Christmas/Holiday PhotoCards and a 11x14 (option to upgrade cards and/or purchase is available (Value: $195)
*Want all the images that we took and edited? Then you get a super special discount on an all digi-downloads!!! (Shhhh its ONLY $75 for 1 entire session, only exclusion is jam packing 2 or more sessions in 1 day & per family purchasing)
*Plus as normal extra FREEBIES in your print orders.

Receive all this and more for: $250 - a year. And $100 for each additional year you add.
(Package Value: Priceless memories and moments that can not be remade)

This Package you get to share with family that you list on your Legacy Program Paperwork (pending if they accept the offer as well, they will have 7 days to respond to the text/email) but they cannot add any one but their immediate family:
~Discount on prints and Products thru a special preset Purchasing Menu.
~Discount on packages, events, and sessions.
~Each main session listed above: birthdays, holidays, & grads

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2018 Momma & Me Special http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/4/2018-momma-me-special 💕💖Momma and Me $99💖 SUP-KLAM-45SUP-KLAM-45 💕

Special Package
3-5x7's & all digitals

AVAILABLE: from now until the end of April2018

Legacy clients ONLY $25


#amarillo #canyonphotographer #canyon #amarillophotographer #photography #amarillophotography #mommyandme #mommaandme

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Legacy Clients http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/4/legacy-clients You will notice your galleries are changing!  There is more things added to being a Legacy Client Family Member.  Plus there has been a change in your price menu, lower prices on many things!!!!!!!

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Good Friday 2018 Sale http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/3/good-friday-2018-sale We will be doing a Good Friday Sale this year.  Prints and 8x10 Canvas.  I tried to get the 16x20 canvas', but they go off sale with my vendor the day before.  So not as beneficial and too short of notice.


Print are on sale 40% off, use coupon code:  goodfri18   ALL session types can use this code.  $35 min order required.

8x10 Canvas' are on sale for $35 each for regular sessions.   Now you cannot combine coupon codes, so this would need to be a separate order.  Use coupon code:  8x10canvas35      While for Legacy clients you will use code:  legacy8x10canvas35

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Archived Gallery http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/3/archived-gallery If your images have gone into archive there is two way. To make your order at this point:


1.  Book a meeting to make your order in person. Unfortunately we only can do a 30 minute meeting. So please come prepared with your list of favs.

2.  Par the $25 archival fee to have them up 1 month/4 weeks. No exceptions to this any more. 


I keep sessions for a long time.  But don't let your memories fade away...But prints and post them on your walls.  Make unique wall gatherings or your own family gallery on your wall.  Trust me, your phone framed on the wall is not cure and that usb on the mantel or in the drawer is not inviting or welcoming.  Showing off your wonderful family & greatest moments in life are inviting, homey, and beyond words amazing. 

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How to Order http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/3/how-to-order With the new ways for ordering it's a little bit of a pickle sometimes. But ordering in a computer will be alot easier.



20180301_21010320180301_210103 First it's always easier to mark your favorites. So if your not registered with the website you may want to consider it now.

Start marking your favorites by the heart feature.


You can click the BUY button at the top & select "select for purchase" or "purchase all".












20180301_21040420180301_210404 Now its going to take your to where you see 3 main options:  Packages, Downloads, & Other Products.  Now depending on what your wanting or needing you will need to click "See All".












20180301_21034320180301_210343 20180301_21025220180301_210252 20180301_21041220180301_210412

While your in the screens where you make your choices, you will see two different types of views the window with a bit of information about the package and then the drop down menu.  If you choose a print/product/digi-download option in the drop down menu, it will shop information about the product and the price of the item.  Please Note:  Legacy Program Clients your price lists are different then others, yours is at a super special prices to go along with your program and freebies.


If you pre-purchased a package then you will choose "Packages".  And inside you will see windows of different packages and a bit of information about those packages there.  Pre-purchased packages are generally marked 0.00 along with the packages name.  Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc if your making a purchase and wish to gift them to the account holders be sure to use their address for the shipping address during the Check Out process.





This next screen will show you the choices for image options to drag your favorite image to the preferred print/product your wanting to order.  If you picked your favorites in the beginning it will make this next part so much easier.  Choose the "Favorites" tab.  There will be the various image options you saved as a favorite.




















Screenshot_20171211-181320Screenshot_20171211-181320 Then you will begin dragging and dropping the images on top of the product your looking to purchase.
























Be sure to complete your Check Out.  We will send an invoice for shipping, and you will have 24 hours from the invoice going out to pay.  If not then the order will be deleted and invoice cancelled.  If you are making a separate order from your pre-purchased package, then we will invoice for those items purchased.  

Coupon Code?  Then at Check Out is where you would input those. 


















Now if you have read all of this and are amazing you will have found a magical coupon code!!!!  YAY!!!  And it can be used anytime, but not along with any specials or other coupons.  Code: yay10%off

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New Prices http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/3/new-prices With many changes that are going on in the photography industry, and in life in general.  We have not only decided to change the Wedding prices for the year, but we have also changed other prices too.  These will slowly take effect and be in full effect April 1st, 2018. 

Legacy's will have another family session added for the Spring/Summer Time with their discount program package.  So yes this means 2 family sessions a year!  This way you have more options when it comes to the family Christmas cards in the fall ;)

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Freebies and Enforcing Policies http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/3/freebies-and-enforcing-policies Fair Warning, this is a RANT:


We have a several policies, which everyone has complete access to read before the session and at the sessions, that everyone agrees to when they sign the terms and conditions.  Now I feel like I have to point this out for the world to see, which I feel like the pain having to do this, but I will need to start enforcing.  Because most of yall know me and I love staying flexible for everyone and all their needs.  But I will be enforcing the full payment must be received before any prints or products will be received/ordered/edited/given.

And enforcing the freebie policy too.  Which the freebie deal has always been I work on freebie sessions after all paying sessions are done.  So those do not have a certain date on being posted or going up.  I get it, we all get excited and cannot wait to see our freebie sessions.  

I haven't had complaints, but I have had some people who are newbies to Spoil U Photography.  And they are messaging every day, sometimes multiple times a day the day after their session that was free.  Please do not point yourself out if your reading this.  It will be awkward, and I would just like to make a blanket statement to everyone and go on without dwelling or looking back.  I don't hold grudges so no worries, lets just go on from here.



Ok and 1 more thing.  I have had someone point out something...yea I'm not like other photographers.  I edit all my work, do colorizations, and then fun stuff at the end of galleries.  So please understand this is me, not others. And others only editing a couple, that's them.  I make sure everyone gets way more choices than they expect.  I pride myself on being different and loving what I do.  I've been doing it for a long time.  And yes they have probably been doing it a long time too, but we are different for a reason.  

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The Sale this week because technology BITE sometimes!!!! http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/2/the-sale-this-week-because-technology-bite-sometimes Most know, and if you don't I'm sorry.  But the website crashed this past week and apparently all the issues was it's way of saying I'm about to die.  Our website provider had MANY MANY MANY sites down.  Which bites big'ol hairy stinky feet!!!!  (If you know me, I probably would be using very colorful language, so please forgive me and my potty mouth).  But anyways, as a sorry while things are up and down, and as a sorry I'm still trying to fix things.  I'm going to offer a special discount on March 1st.  It will only be valid that day.  I may do another when things calm down again, as another I'm sorry because technology and I have a HUGE love/hate relationship.  In the mean time here are the details!





techno bites 2018techno bites 2018



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Sweet's for My Sweetie Pie Mini's http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/1/sweets-for-my-sweetie-pie-mini-s We do these every year.  This year Ali will be doing them, and aside from me being there. She will be doing all the shooting & posing.  So please be patient and excited.  She is nervous...but SOOOOOOO excited!  She will be working toward a car over this year.  No worries on our end.  She is a great Jr. photographer and as everyone knows an utter sweetheart when it comes to little kiddos.  

Sweet's for My Sweetie Pie sessions are perfect for couples, kids, tweens, teens, etc.  If your willing to give her a shot, she will ROCK it!!!


Sweets for my sweetie pie 2018Sweets for my sweetie pie 2018


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Micro-Mini Boudoir Session http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2018/1/micro-mini-boudoir-session Wanting to give a Boudoir Session a try?  Nervous but really want a small taste?  Then these Micro Mini's are perfect for you!


Bring a white or blue button down shirt, a cute bra and panty set, heels, your makeup a little heavier than normal, hair styled to perfection, and a fun loving attitude.  If your a Debbie-Downer before your shoot, it will translate into your session.  So try to relax as much as possible before the session.  You're welcome to BYOB, you will burn a glass fast during your session.  The lights get hot and the positions stretch your muscles ;)   Who knows, maybe you'll love it and book a full session.  If you don't, no sweat at least you tried something new and can mark it off your bucket list.  



I'm ONLY offering these FREEBIE Micro-Mini's on certain dates.  

boudoir micro mini 2boudoir micro mini 2


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Christmas Break 2017 http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/12/christmas-break-2017 Hi ya!

We will not be processing any orders from Dec 21st thru Jan 2nd. Everyone is about to receive Christmas orders & we will be taking a small break. Only certain shoots will be booked during this time. 


From Our Families to Yours, We wish you each a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Be safe & God Bless yall!

spoiluphotography@yahoo.com (Spoil U Photography) http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/12/christmas-break-2017 Thu, 21 Dec 2017 04:01:01 GMT
On the Fence About Boudoir? Then YOU Have Got To Do This!!! http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/12/on-the-fence-about-boudoir-then-you-have-got-to-do-this On the fence about Boudoir?
We will be doing a Basic Mirco-Mini Boudie-Thon FREEBIE'S on these dates. The session is 15 to 20 minutes. Bring a solid white, blu...e, or black 2 sizes bigger (hubby's shirts work) shirt. Make up done (make sure you use reflective make up and a little heavier makeup than normal. This is Just a Taste
These are private sessions and are by appointment only.
This Gorgeous Momma is just another favorite client we have...will you grow into one of our favorite families? Where we become your go-to-photographer??? Who knows! Only way to find out is by Booking your sessions with Spoil U Photography
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Canvas Sale http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/12/canvas-sale ~*~Canvas Sale~*~
General & Premium Session Canvas Codes:
$75 8x10 Canvas - 8x10canvas
$100 11x14 Canvas - 11x14canvas...
$125 16x20 Canvas - 16x20canvas
Legacy Program Client-Family Coupon Codes:
$75 8x10 Canvas - legacy8x10
$100 11x14 Canvas - legacy11x14
$125 16x20 Canvas - legacy16x20
This is the Canvas sale I was talking about. Sale starts Dec 13th thru 15th 2017.
The NEW Canvas Vendor is GREAT!!!! Love'em!
spoiluphotography@yahoo.com (Spoil U Photography) amarillo art canvas discount family panhandle photographer photography sale special spoil u photography http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/12/canvas-sale Wed, 13 Dec 2017 03:19:58 GMT
Senior Momtography 2 http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/10/senior-momtography-2 Here is another round of Senior Momtography.  I've had lot's of requests for this, so we doing another round.  But we are only listing the months, this way people have a little bit more flexibility.


senior - momtography 2senior - momtography 2

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Grandparents & Great Grandparents http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/10/grandparents-great-grandparents We all know Grandparents are special.  And being able to meet or know your Great Grandparents is even more special. Well....

Justin recently lost his Granny, well she is OUR Granny, we all loved her so very much.  My kids loved her & truly knew their Granny.  Not many kids take the time to visit or know their Great Grandparents or even Grandparents nowadays.  Even mine had to be reminded every once in a while, they are kids.  Granny Ruth was a unique & kind spirit.  She was also very opinionated, if yall guys ONLY KNEW! bahahahahaha!!!  Granny had many great grand kids, and several grand kids.  She loved her entire family dearly, even those who were not able to visit her (she always thought of them and was very proud of each one).  

Granny has a very special place in my heart.  So I wanted what my kids have for others as well...pictures!  YES!  I know we are a photography business, go figure.  But seriously!  My kids have so many pictures with their Granny it's not even funny, and they absolutely love it.  How many of you actually have prints hanging up or in an album on the coffee table or shelf with family pictures inside???  I know you'll get to it later....but let me tell you later comes and goes....and then those family members pass.  


So don't put if off any longer!!!  Get pictures with those Grandparents & Great Grandparents.  They will not be around forever and neither will you!


Here is a SUPER SWEET SPECIAL  just for those wonderful Grands and Great Grands!  You will be able to have a choice:  *Just Another Day at Home, *Studio, or an *Outdoor location (our choice).

Grandparents - Honor of GrannyGrandparents - Honor of Granny



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Pumpkin Butt Weekend http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/9/pumpkin-butt-weekend It's Fall Yall!  So that means Pumpkin Butt Mini's are here!!!

This annual mini session has been a Panhandle Favorite for YEARS!  The sessions are fast.  We do a few shots in a cute fall outfit that you bring, or we have some cute outfits available for use as well (please inquire at booking).  And then we paint the tooshies.  Sessions are typically less than 30 minutes, which as busy parents we can all appreciate that ;)

These sessions always book fast, but our year package clients and Legacy Clients have first choice in times.  Then we book first come, first serve.  Which means we cannot hold your place without your retainer fee being paid.

PLUS our Legacy clients ONLY pay $25 for the Advertised Special otherwise Pumpkin Butt session fee is $125; $75 retainer is due at booking and remainder due at session.  


pumpkin Butt 2pumpkin Butt 2


pumpkin Buttpumpkin Butt





Booking: $75 due at booking, and remainder due at session.  Legacy's ONLY PAY $25 total for the advertised session.

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Fairy Week http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/9/fairy-week IT'S FAIRY WEEK!!!!


fairyfairy Booking: $99 retainer due at booking, and remainder due at session.  Legacy's ONLY pay $25 for advertised special. 

spoiluphotography@yahoo.com (Spoil U Photography) amarillo digi-download digital download discount dress up fairies fairy fairy week family mini panhandle photographer princess session special spoil u photography http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/9/fairy-week Mon, 11 Sep 2017 13:45:00 GMT
Flash Sale! http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/8/flash-sale fs augfs aug

Coupon Code at Check Out:  FS40t-sAUG

spoiluphotography@yahoo.com (Spoil U Photography) amarillo digi-download digital download discount panhandle photography special spoil u photography http://spoiluphotography.com/blog/2017/8/flash-sale Thu, 24 Aug 2017 15:16:55 GMT