Coffee VS 1 Year Package with Spoil U Photography

July 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

18 to 34 spend about $37 a week for just a cup of coffee= $1924 for a cup of coffee 5 days a week for 1 yr

1 year package with Spoil U Photography $126.99, plus the average person spends $112 a session for 5 sessions (and we do more than 5 sessions, our clients get BONUS FREE SESSIONS) = $686.99 and our prints have a 100 yr archival, you get bonus sessions, you get bonus prints, you get to have fun,  not to mention BEYOND a life time of memories.


So LITERALLY less than half of what you would spend at a popular coffee shop in town over a year, you could have something that would be around for your great grand kids and their kids….



So the question is, when are we going to book your family(s) session or start your year package?


P.S.  We do payments and we always do our best to work with you and your budget....




Just some food for thought everyone ;)


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