Thinking About Doing Mostly CD's and USB's

August 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well I've been on the fence about this for a LONG time. Like years people.  And honestly most everyone does purchase my cd's (must be because I'm AMAZING lol).  But as I sit here I start thinking, I give my clients tons of differences on the images I take.  Which I would like to NEVER change that.  So maybe I need to leave it to clients and the public to tell me their opinions.  However, there would be some differences, like some prices would go up and packages would changes, and if you want prints thru us we would be offering that too. 

So question is:


Should we keep our Packages as Prints with options to purchase CD.

Change to CD's or USB's or even digital downloading, with options to purchase prints.


Let me know what U think.  I love hearing what everyone has to say and getting to know what my Client -Family is looking for.


UPDATED:  We no longer offer CD's.  USB's are only by special request.  We have digi-downloading!  After your order is made, you will receive a follow up email.  From there you will have a few weeks to download your images.  After that time you if you did not download your images you will be charged full price for re-ordering.  We have trackers that follow each email sent out to ensure you receive the email for downloading.  So make sure you enter the correct email address, we are not liable or responsible if you do not.


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