When seeking a Photographer...Some questions to think about asking

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When searching for a Wedding Photographer or Just a Family Photographer…Here are some questions you should think about and ask.

  • Do you have my date available? REMEMBER: Obviously, if the answer is NO then there is no reason to continue the conversation.  Unless you’re willing to move your preferred date.
  • How far do I need to book with you?  REMEMBER: If they are a great photographer they will book ahead, however the most amazing photographers will work with you the best they can.
  • How long have your been a photographer?
  • What is your photography style?  REMEMBER:  This is where you will get to know the photographer your interviewing.  They will either be what you need OR it’s time to move on.
  • What do you shoot mostly?  Weddings, Events, Families, Kids, Seniors, etc.  NOTE:  If your shopping for a Family Photographer or for a Wedding, you better make sure they can work well with kids. 
  • What is your work style?  Fly on the Wall, Take Charge, In the Moment, etc. 
  • What makes you stand out?  Or do you think you stand out with other photographers?  REMEMBER:  You want a photographer that is confident but not rude. 
  • Will my pictures be online for the world to see?  Or will my pictures be private and locked by a password?   NOTE:  Do you want your special day or family pictures open for all eyes to see?
  • Are you going to use my pictures for your own personal advertising or stock photography?  NOTE:  This answer to this could get you some FREEBIES  ;)
  • What kind of equipment do you use?  Film or digital?  NOTE:  Yes some people even nowadays still use film. 
  • Will my pictures be just the images you take?  Or will you do something more artistic?  NOTE:  A true artist will do various things to make your images AMAZING and fun and memorable and show your legacy.
  • Do you have a list of shots you shoot?  FOR A WEDDING:  do you have a pose list and can I give you some ideas I have?
  • Will all my images be in order?
  • Will my images be placed into a slideshow?
  • My engagement and family pictures, can you create a slideshow for the reception?  And can I give you a few of our personal ones for the slideshow?
  • Do you have a list of preferred places you shoot? 
  • Can you help me find a venue?  OR have you shot at the venue I booked?
  • Will you come to the rehearsal?  NOTE:  Most photographers have a rule to meet with the rest of the wedding party, both parents, event or wedding coordinator, and the officiate.  This way your day will run smoothly ;)
  • Do you have references?  Or somewhere that people have posted a review on you?  NOTE:  If they do not have references there will most likely be reviews on them somewhere. So before asking this question, do you research too.
  • Will there be another photographer with you?  Will you have assistants?  Do you have a crew that works with you?
  • Do you have travel fees?  Are you a destination photographer?
  • On my Wedding day, will you be shooting anyone else; any other events? 
  • Can other people take pictures while you’re taking pictures?   NOTE:  This is an annoying question for all photographers.  Because let’s face it, when your working do you want someone to be constantly over your shoulder?  So with that said, a lot of photographers will say “they can after I’m done.”  Remember your paying them to take amazing photos and your pressed for time (they are the Pro), so you do not want someone else’s flash to mess with their sensors.  Maybe consider a “Wedding Unplugged.”
  • What time will you arrive?
  • How long will you stay?
  • If my Wedding day, Session, or Event lasts longer than expected, will there be an additional cost?
  • What all packages do you offer?
  • Do you do custom packages?
  • Do you provide retouching, color adjustments, or any other corrective service?
  • Can you take my day and turn it into an album?
  • How long will it be until I get to view my pictures?  NOTE:  Some photographers only offer private viewing appointments while others do something online like on their websites. And generally I've noticed with most photographers it can take up to 3 months for big events. 
  • How do I order once I get to view my images?
  • How long does it take for my order to arrive?
  • Do you do only prints with you, UBS’s, CD’s, or digital downloads?  How much or is it included? 
  • Do you do contracts?  NOTE:  You do not want to book with anyone unless they have a contract.  It will protect you and them if anything should happen.
  • How much is the deposit?
  • Do you offer payment arrangements?
  • What is your refund, cancellation, and changing the date policy?
  • Do you have insurance or does your contract have me sign a liability waiver?  NOTE:  Things happen.  However they are not a big corporation and you most likely do not have deep pockets to replace their equipment if something happens to it.  So in your consideration look for a photographer that has a waiver in their contract. And again going with a PRO you should not have any issues because they have done this a hundred+ times.


Something to think to yourself as your interviewing the photographer:

  • Do you like their style?
  • Do you like the pictures you have seen?
  • Are they listening to you?
  • Do you feel comfortable with this photographer?
  • Did the photographer address all my concerns or issues?
  • Do you like the photographer’s personality and attitude?


In the end remember:  you get what you pay for.  You’re investing in your memories!





Please note:  these are from a photographers point of view and MY opinion.  I've done this a few times lol.


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