You're not in my Wedding Budget

August 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was asked the other day why the heck are some photographers soooooo much; your right in the middle and just out of my budget.  Ok I understand.  It happens.  But here is a pretty cool article to explain several things.  Hope you see where I'm going with posting this.  Because I do not mean to offend anyone....but  I hope you know that I do value myself.


Weddings are expensive, and once your have the love of your life you want your day to be AMAZING!!!  Which hello that any persons dream and wish.  But have you noticed there is a difference between a great photographer and some one who is JUST taking pictures?  A PHOTOGRAPHER puts a little bit of themselves in each and every project they do.  While your person JUT TAKING PICTURES is pointing and shooting, images are out of focus, they are too bright, wait no they are too dark, oh my goodness there is not any focus on Everything going on (it's just where the pointer and shooter are). 


Another interesting read, which it really truly tries to explain how we Photographers invest in your our amazing clients.\




So long story short, please LOVE the style of the photographer you choose, do not choose someone who will just give you some pictures without their heart in it.  Photography is art. 


P.S. Most people spend up to $500 on Engagement pictures alone...with Spoil U Photography it's almost HALF!

P.S.P.  A Good Photographer will cost you starting at $2500, and they can help you with just about everything going on with your wedding.  From Custom Save the Date cards to the Custom Wedding Invitations. 

P.S.P.S.  And a great photography business should have payment plans to fit your needs ;)





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