Fall 2015 Update

September 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've not had this happen in a while, but we cannot accept any  year package commitments until December 2015.  We can only take so many a month. I know this makes several people upset or angry, but if you have been sitting on the fence for months and then want a session tomorrow we cannot do that.  I'm sorry we are that busy! Ok maybe not sorry, because I LOVE my client-Fam-Bam!!!!!  Yall guys are amazing!  Love seeing those little and big families.  I'm super proud that I get to shoot so many amazing people, it's a wonderful blessing.


But we still have a few spots open for other sessions. And we are always booking  our current clients. 


On Another Note:

Year Package Clients, yall need to make the decision and let me know, before October 1st if you want to do the digital style package or stick with your print package.  After October 1st, all year packages and majority of all other sessions will go digital (yes we will still have some print sales though).


Lastly, many know, ok maybe everyone, I've gone back and restarted my Nursing.  WOOHOO!  Boy howdy I should have just stuck with it 10+ years ago lol.  It's a little stressful and overwhelming, but awesome.  I cannot wait to finish so I can head on my journey to my end goal...CRNA!  Many have asked if I will still be doing photography, YES.  Plus my oldest daughter will be doing it more in the coming years as well.  We all have the photo-bug.  Hubby loves landscapes, and helping when needed.


BIG Changes coming, but all worth it!!!!!!




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