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August 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So there was a lady on facebook the other day upset about photographer's price.  I posted a little information about why some charge what they do.  And then I got to thinking, yes my cost of doing business is lower than most.  I like it that way.  It keeps my prices lower than most and competitive with others.  It is a business.  It is what pays for the roof over our family, car payments, electric, water, food, etc.  Just like most others, I'm human too. 

I remember one time I use to charge $1500 for just showing up, that didn't even include me shooting or anything.  Yes I was a high priced photographer, and that was BEFORE I had a family.  And yes, that money was very nice.  However I have found what I like, I like shooting everyday things and people.  What I was doing didn't make me happy.  I thoroughly enjoy watching kids grow up and how much they change over the years; and talking with those amazing parents...and like their parents I too become proud of so many kiddos I've shot in the past.  And OMG I tear up!  It is so worth it though.  I get to be their when they are born (which I didn't offer Birth Photographer to the public until a couple years ago), as they grow up, as they graduate, when they find the love of their life, get married and everything in between!!!!  It is an amazing thing, to be a fly on the wall as people grow. 


Well anyways, what her post came down to was her photographer backed out because someone offered them more money.  Which is not nice!  But obviously that photographer wasn't reliable or a good person.  So people please make sure you get contracts signed and do not just shop around for the photographer who is cheap.  Those cheapies are not always the best in the end or reliable.


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