The Sale this week because technology BITE sometimes!!!!

February 27, 2018

Most know, and if you don't I'm sorry.  But the website crashed this past week and apparently all the issues was it's way of saying I'm about to die.  Our website provider had MANY MANY MANY sites down.  Which bites big'ol hairy stinky feet!!!!  (If you know me, I probably would be using very colorful language, so please forgive me and my potty mouth).  But anyways, as a sorry while things are up and down, and as a sorry I'm still trying to fix things.  I'm going to offer a special discount on March 1st.  It will only be valid that day.  I may do another when things calm down again, as another I'm sorry because technology and I have a HUGE love/hate relationship.  In the mean time here are the details!





techno bites 2018techno bites 2018