Q: Can I schedule a mini session any time?

A: No, they are reserved for certain dates and times thru out the year.

Q: Can my whole extended family come for a mini session?

A: No. Mini sessions are limited to one family per mini session. Some mini sessions may even be just for children only (& will be advertised as such, if so).   When in doubt about the special please just ask.

Q: Can I pay extra for more photos? 

A: I do take as many photos as time allows.  If you would like additional time then please reserve a full length regular session.  Prices vary for full length regular sessions.  If you drag your time into another clients session then you will pay an additional $150 an hr. 

Q: We are just wanting to get more "generic" photos, without props. Can we do a few of those too?

A: If you are looking for more general family photos, a full length regular session will need to be scheduled. Mini sessions are set up for a certain theme, at certain times, and certain dates. Please keep this in mind before booking; failure to do so will result in additional fees or you will be asked to leave.  Remember we reserve the right to refuse service at any time for any reason!

Q: Can I see all of my photos from the session, and then choose the ones I want? 

A: We are SUPER picky about what our clients see.  So we will go thru, make edits, and choose the ones that go up for you to choose from.


Q: I decided not to do this session after all, can I have my deposit back? 

A: Non-refundable means non-refundable.  Occasionally the Owners of SUP will make certain allowances, but very rarely.