Spoil U Photography | Getting Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend 2016

Getting Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend 2016

October 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So not much longer until the much coveted Black Friday and Cyber Weekend Specials!@!!!!!@!!@##@@!!!


Heck to the Yes, even I'm excited &dreading it all at the same time!  So Kohl's is like one of  my FAV Black Friday places, and WalMart is like number 4 on my list.  the thing that bugs me the most and why I do not like  Black Friday has to be some of the extremely rude and disrespectful people in this crazy world.  You can get great deals while not being crazy!!!  But that's probably why I really like Cyber Deals.  Less fuss. 

Ok so rant over LOL!


Now on the our regular business:

We will be announcing the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend deals with Spoil U Photography here at the end of the Month of October 2016.  This way you have time to plan and budget.  Those that purchase deals with us know how they work, first come first received.  Now the only exception with that this year is Black Friday we'll be giving away a couple packages this year and then Saturday will begin the Cyber weekend of discounts.  In the past we've done a week long Cyber Week, but yall that's ALOT of work and time.  This year I do not have the pleasure of time this season.  The big kiddos in sports, business, lil ones, and school there is a ton going on.  So here is a lil sneak peek of what is on our list:

~50% off - discount

~123 Grow with Me - Give Away

~1 entire session download - Give Away (perfect for any and all current clients)

~AND more!!!

Those are just 3 of the things on our list.  Not too bad...



Big Hugs Yall!!!




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