Spoil U Photography | Changes Effective Dec 1st 2016

Changes Effective Dec 1st 2016

November 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Some know this, while many don't....I HATE JUST DOING DIGITALS without doing prints too!!!!!!!!!  OMG I hate not being able to add in those little extras FREEBIES in peoples orders. With doing just digitals I cannot add on like I do with print orders.  Which goes against a lot of what we like doing with our business.  So Newer and Better Changes are ahead.


SO OUR RESOLUTION, ok yes it is before New Years.  But there is no better way to start something NEW like TODAY!!!!!

          ~Year packages are going UNDER MAJOR changes!

                    *Prints and Digitals will be apart of these.  Sorry yall, I MUST be able to give you the prints I love too lol. 

                    *They will be for general portraits. No boutique shots will be done.  Boutique shots are the more intricate, and time consuming type of shots.  They require planning, assistants, certain attire, and lots of time (not just shooting but editing too). 

                    *Will still receive the EXTRA FREEBIE Sessions we always do for those certain year packages.  (Like: Siblings, and Pumpkin Butt, etc.).

                    *If your already in a year contract with us.  You will be changing too.  We will be eating the cost to give your prints.  But I've crunched numbers and have everything squared away there.  It will be awesome and I do believe yall guys will enjoy this a ton too.

          ~Book an in person ordering and viewing session will get you a discount on your order.  This is available with each session, once.  Not reoccurring for a single session.  And these are the ONLY sessions that will not have to pay for shipping.

          ~Weddings and Events will be rolling out a new Look next year.  I redo these each year typically.

          ~LOVE the General Sessions & Premium Sessions as they are, this way I can still do what I love, yall get prints, and digitals.  It's a huge Win for yall guys and makes me super happy too, so in the end Win-Win.

          ~Shipping will have to be paid by you.  Spoil U Photography will no longer offer this for free.  This is for everyone.  During Christmas will be the ONLY time we pay for shipping and rush services, for you to pick up from Spoil U Photography. 

          ~Rush Print services, are $75.  So please plan accordingly.  Shooting, editing, and designing all take time.  And my time is valuable just as your party/event/family are too.  I'm not like many other photographers.  Our business is busy year-round, we do not have a slow time unless we plan for it.

           ~We will going back to using Senior Models

                    *We will accept applications and referrals for this year-round since area schools have graduation in December and May/June. 

                    *Limit 2 per school, so unfortunately we will have to turn some away. 

                    *There is a one time application fee which pays for lots of goodies: several sessions, prints, hair and Makeup for at least 2 sessions, 1 styled outfit (that's yours to keep), personalized referral cards (so you can receive FREEBIES), etc. 

                    *And the more referrals you send to us, the more you will receive at NO ADDISIONAL COST!!!!  (Like: Personalized Senior Invitations, large prints, etc.) 

                    *This individual will have to meet certain strict criteria as well.  (Example:  must be apart of at least 1 school extra-curricular activity, 1 school group/club, good grades (nothing less than a 2.5 overall GPA, nothing vulgar on ANY social media/website/ANYWHERE, etc).  We want Seniors who are hard workers and have goals in life, these students deserve this and so much more.)

                    *Model Agreement must be signed by you and parents.

                    *If you do not up-hold the agreement, then you will in-turn have to pay full price (average cost over $800, plus tax).






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