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Not a Strip Mall Business!

February 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Ok I do have something I need to make sure people understand.  Please understand this:

We are not just a Photography Business like those you find in a strip mall.  Yes it takes us longer.  But when you see your folders you see why. 

We are not JUST a shoot and burn kind of business.  We take pride in out work.  Yes we LOVE giving things away and WE LOVE doing freebie sessions when we can, but we LOVE doing this for those who are awesome in return!!!  What this means is that, please do not expect something for nothing and want the gold spoon along with it.  We are the type who will do whatever we can for others, and do this on a daily basis (although, we DO NOT BRAG about this). 



In closing, if your looking for a photographer who takes pictures and you get them in hours....then KEEP LOOKING elsewhere.  No great or even good photographer I have met does this.  Yes I've worked in one of those strip mall type studios, LONG LONG AGO!  I found what I wanted as a consumer, and to do with our business.  Therefore Spoil U Photography was created initially.




On another note: because of great client-family I will be creating a SPECIAL FACEBOOK GROUP.  Where these clients receive first dibs at freebie sessions and giveaways.  This group will be hand selected. And very exclusive!!!!!


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