Spoil U Photography | Ensure your Memories...a venting post about people losing their phone pictures or camera pictures

Ensure your Memories...a venting post about people losing their phone pictures or camera pictures

April 09, 2016
Venting: Because I'm sad about these situations and frusterated.
Yall guys I know it seems like "your spending too much money" or "oh I can do these pictures myself" is the best for your and your memories...but is it?
I have had 1 in every 2 persons (yes that's 50% of the people I run into) who have told me:
"I took pictures, they were great"..."the phone was stolen"..."they looked great on my $100 camera, but I printed them and it was blurry and dark"..."they looked great on the camera I got for Christmas/Birthday, but my computer crashed/the camera broke/I can't find them on my memory car/etc"...THE LIST GOES ON PEOPLE!
When those people have lost those memories and moments, they are torn to pieces. Heck I'm not them and I'm torn to pieces. Because we cannot go back in time, & what is lost cannot always be found.
Professional Photographers did not become a photographer just for our own amusement. We truly do what we love because that's the thing WE LOVE IT. Catching those special moments, being apart of your world for those great moments, even that list goes on because it is true too. Sometimes the investment in your moments can seem expense, but:
#1 most do payment plans to help.
#2 your moments are priceless, will that $250 still be a big deal in 20 years or 100 years?
#3 I back up and back up and have ANOTHER back up. I know things happen, but I ALWAYS have done my very best to ensure I do not have "technological failures" (knock on wood I don't).
#4 and yes I could go on lol.
Not to mention our prices are partially the income for our families. You have a career to provide for your family, you save for what you want, and we do the same. That makes us all human lol! We have children, we have their activities, we have vehicle payments, we have insurances, we have bills, we have a home, we have business expenses, etc.
So in short, telling a (small business owner) photographer "your too expensive ... I found someone that can do it for half the price ... I found someone that can do it for NOTHING" is not nice, not respectful, and if you do not like our prices or paying for anything then do not contact those photographers. But also do not post something that states I have these done and wish I would have gone to you. I'm sorry but too little too late. If your my client and talk to me, I try to work with you. Because life happens and at times money can be tight, but you do not want to miss out on milestones or special moments in time.
Live life with no regrets. Invest with your photographer to invest in your future memories!!!