Spoil U Photography | "the Millennial generation will have nothing to show...

"the Millennial generation will have nothing to show...

June 23, 2016

I was reading something the other day "the Millennial generation will have nothing to show...everything is digital & that will eventually die out....they are not printing pictures for their future generations to see them in their prime...".  Which if you think about it...it really is true!  Every time we have an advancement in technology something technological dies out. 

Take for instance our phones.  They are constantly changing and upgrading and something newer-bigger-and-better is coming out.  But how often does your phone quit, as in straight out DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE?!?  I hear this all the time from clients and I see it HUNDREDS of times a week on facebook in peoples status'.  It's CRAZY! 

Heck even I'm guilty of always taking pictures of my kids and not printing them out like I did 15+ years ago.  I always say "oh I'm going to print them....I need to print those pictures from LAST fall..."  Yes, yes, yes I am that person too!  However I'm trying to get better, it's a process lol. So let me help you with that process too!!!


Because of this we have brought back 123 Grow with Me and ABC Grow with Me in their print versions.  We are adding custom framing, matting, and custom matting too. With that being said, we are also able to help your design our your wall of pictures.  AND we have a couple ways you can earn a discount on your orders!!! 


#1 way:  Be a Your Legacy Program client.  Legacy clients can receive their normal discount & add-on the additional savings below. 

#2 way:  Book an in-person ordering session.  We will have our projector out to show you the wonderful images without a logo on them and it will be large!  LOL!  Where you can see the great detail we do in our work and designs.  We can help you design out a wall (this is FUN for me).  These kind of meetings will be 1 to 3 hours, generally we keep them down to 1 hr though (your time and our time is precious).  This will result in a bigger discount & can ONLY be booked up to 1 week after your gallery goes up or if your gallery is in archive.  After that prices are normal.  Discount amount is only discussed during in-person ordering session.

#3 way:  Once your images go into your gallery, we offer a discount code for quick orders.  However, you have ONLY 10 days after your gallery goes up to take advantage of this.  And we will not reissue the discount code. After that prices are normal.  Discount amount is only discussed during session, when asked.


PLUS, so we can encourage you to buy prints.  The online company we always refer you to go to has NOW made it where we can upload and share the images thru them.  You will be able to do your ordering on there, you will even be able to do so from your phone!  Just make sure you have an account with them prior to me uploading to make the ordering easier for you!!!  Remember they offer specials thru out the year.  So check your emails often.