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What Sets Me & My Photography Apart from Others

July 20, 2016

I was asked something the other day...what sets me and my photography from others.  Honestly nothing, and yet EVERYTHING!

Each professional photographer is unique with their styles and how they do business.  Here are a few lil tid bits I was informed I do, that I had never really thought about (I was just being me):

-Mommy's to be and Brides, I do whatever I can to make their day easier.  They need fanning, I'm there.  They need me to hold a heel while shooting with my other hand, No Problem I'll juggle.  They need a hug, I'll hug them.  Need advice or look lost, I'm there.  Someone driving them nuts, I try to distract the crazy person.  You see where I'm going.

-I get down at kids level.  Heck yes!  You catch who they are and their personalities better.  And I always try to bring one of my mini me's to help out and be goofy too.

-"I feel so comfortable with you, like I could tell you anything"...Good this means you have a new friend and someone to talk to when you need someone.  Not everyone has someone they can talk to or vent to.  I understand, this is where being a photographer your also someone's psychologist too.  You will have a better session when you trust me.

-After your folder is deleted, I still keep files archived for a while.  To ensure if you need to order in the future you can.  I keep families and kids sessions.



Ok so there is a few.  I was told more, but I'm not one to bee very boastful about myself.  But give me one of my kiddos and I can brag on them all day lol.