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123 Grow with Me is that EASY

September 06, 2016

So I frequently have the same questions I regards to 123 Grow with Me & ABC Grow with Me.  And the main question is:


Is it really that price and that simply?


My answer has always been:


YES! I know it's crazy!  But I have a good deal, and so when I have a good deal I pass it on.




I know it's weird to have something that's a great deal for something so valuable.  But yes I do have that.  I'm sorry if this offends or weird, but hey I also get the reverse comment on other things LOL.  I have had 123 Grow with Me for over 10 years, I do not advertise about it anymore.  I did for a little bit. But now it's mostly because of referrals that people hear about my year packages.  I LOVE this package!  It's my favorite because I get to watch little ones grow and change at such an amazing stage in life, the beginning.  And I do plan to keep my package around for years to come!  I was the first and quite proud of that.  I won't deny I had a great mentor help me come up with the name, LOVE him to pieces for being such a great mentor and fellow photographer!!! 

P.S. YES again, getting bonus freebie sessions in those year packages are really just that a FREEBIE SESSION!  I'm sorry, I'm that simple on a lot of things ;)  but you'll either love me or hate me in the end.

P.S.P Downfall is I have to limit how many year packages we taken on a month.  But first come, first reserve :)  plan a head my dears