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August 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This past week has been HUGE for those who Breastfeed. For some it is just normal, and others it's not.  So we say, "to each their own."  We don't normally raise a fuss or anything, but for us Breastfeeding was a great gift, bonding moment, time invested, and beneficial for our kiddos.  Yes, I understand many Mommies were not or even able to do this, and Bless you.  However, we all have other moments that can be spent to bond with our babies.  Kids are an investment in the world, your Legacy, God's Never Ending Love, and just plan fun!!! 

In Honor of Breastfeeding, here is a Sweet Lil Special Mommies can do with their Bundles of Love!  Valid for the rest of August 2017.

breastfeeding remembrance sessionbreastfeeding remembrance session



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