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Ok after finding out some not so pleasant news about clients not receiving packages, which has resulted in some changes that effect some current clients!  There have been MAJOR changes to the Menu's.  Many products have been dropped, while some price changes have occurred.  However if your looking for something in particular, just ask.  We do have several Vendors that do only certain items (yearbooks, magazines, custom labels, brochures, posters, business cards, etc).

Packages will ship to us, then we will ship out to the address provided.  General Shipping dates will be on Thurs/Fri's when we receive packages on Mon-Thurs.  Rush orders will be handled accordingly.  I (Sarah), believe this will be better for everyone.  


Legacy clients will notice a BIG change on their Menus ;)  we are able to give you guys a better discount, WITHOUT using a coupon code.  

PLUS Legacy Clients, Birthday Sessions for the Kiddos now have their own Special Package :D  OH AND you guys will notice we have extended your packages by a little bit too ;) so yall guys are in there for a longer period of time!!!  Enjoy you guys, we love yall tons!

Just another benefit from being on the Legacy package :)


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