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Archived Gallery

March 26, 2018

If your images have gone into archive there is two way. To make your order at this point:


1.  Book a meeting to make your order in person. Unfortunately we only can do a 30 minute meeting. So please come prepared with your list of favs.

2.  Par the $25 archival fee to have them up 1 month/4 weeks. No exceptions to this any more. 


I keep sessions for a long time.  But don't let your memories fade away...But prints and post them on your walls.  Make unique wall gatherings or your own family gallery on your wall.  Trust me, your phone framed on the wall is not cure and that usb on the mantel or in the drawer is not inviting or welcoming.  Showing off your wonderful family & greatest moments in life are inviting, homey, and beyond words amazing.