Spoil U Photography | Freebies and Enforcing Policies

Freebies and Enforcing Policies

March 22, 2018

Fair Warning, this is a RANT:


We have a several policies, which everyone has complete access to read before the session and at the sessions, that everyone agrees to when they sign the terms and conditions.  Now I feel like I have to point this out for the world to see, which I feel like the pain having to do this, but I will need to start enforcing.  Because most of yall know me and I love staying flexible for everyone and all their needs.  But I will be enforcing the full payment must be received before any prints or products will be received/ordered/edited/given.

And enforcing the freebie policy too.  Which the freebie deal has always been I work on freebie sessions after all paying sessions are done.  So those do not have a certain date on being posted or going up.  I get it, we all get excited and cannot wait to see our freebie sessions.  

I haven't had complaints, but I have had some people who are newbies to Spoil U Photography.  And they are messaging every day, sometimes multiple times a day the day after their session that was free.  Please do not point yourself out if your reading this.  It will be awkward, and I would just like to make a blanket statement to everyone and go on without dwelling or looking back.  I don't hold grudges so no worries, lets just go on from here.



Ok and 1 more thing.  I have had someone point out something...yea I'm not like other photographers.  I edit all my work, do colorizations, and then fun stuff at the end of galleries.  So please understand this is me, not others. And others only editing a couple, that's them.  I make sure everyone gets way more choices than they expect.  I pride myself on being different and loving what I do.  I've been doing it for a long time.  And yes they have probably been doing it a long time too, but we are different for a reason.