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How to Order

March 24, 2018

With the new ways for ordering it's a little bit of a pickle sometimes. But ordering in a computer will be alot easier.



20180301_21010320180301_210103 First it's always easier to mark your favorites. So if your not registered with the website you may want to consider it now.

Start marking your favorites by the heart feature.


You can click the BUY button at the top & select "select for purchase" or "purchase all".












20180301_21040420180301_210404 Now its going to take your to where you see 3 main options:  Packages, Downloads, & Other Products.  Now depending on what your wanting or needing you will need to click "See All".












20180301_21034320180301_210343 20180301_21025220180301_210252 20180301_21041220180301_210412

While your in the screens where you make your choices, you will see two different types of views the window with a bit of information about the package and then the drop down menu.  If you choose a print/product/digi-download option in the drop down menu, it will shop information about the product and the price of the item.  Please Note:  Legacy Program Clients your price lists are different then others, yours is at a super special prices to go along with your program and freebies.


If you pre-purchased a package then you will choose "Packages".  And inside you will see windows of different packages and a bit of information about those packages there.  Pre-purchased packages are generally marked 0.00 along with the packages name.  Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc if your making a purchase and wish to gift them to the account holders be sure to use their address for the shipping address during the Check Out process.





This next screen will show you the choices for image options to drag your favorite image to the preferred print/product your wanting to order.  If you picked your favorites in the beginning it will make this next part so much easier.  Choose the "Favorites" tab.  There will be the various image options you saved as a favorite.




















Screenshot_20171211-181320Screenshot_20171211-181320 Then you will begin dragging and dropping the images on top of the product your looking to purchase.
























Be sure to complete your Check Out.  We will send an invoice for shipping, and you will have 24 hours from the invoice going out to pay.  If not then the order will be deleted and invoice cancelled.  If you are making a separate order from your pre-purchased package, then we will invoice for those items purchased.  

Coupon Code?  Then at Check Out is where you would input those. 


















Now if you have read all of this and are amazing you will have found a magical coupon code!!!!  YAY!!!  And it can be used anytime, but not along with any specials or other coupons.  Code: yay10%off