Spoil U Photography | New/Update 2018

New/Update 2018

May 27, 2018

New/Update for Spoil U Photography

SUP will continue, but here are the changes:
-we will be slowing down a bit, in the near future SUP will be rebranding.
     Will be offering:
          *New Born
          *Seniors & lil Grad's
          *Birth & (Select) Fresh 48 New Borns
          *Weddings & Small Events (only will do large events for Non-profits)
         *And Special Things 😁
-most sessions will be more all inclusive for digitals, meaning they will have all digitals. Only select package will remain with specifications (123 Grow with Me being the main one). Prices will reflect this.
-no more ABC Grow with Me.
-weddings & events will be combined to offer 3 options, in the past I try to meet everyone's wants & everyone's wants are too vast lol.
-legacy will still be around, no changes there. We love this program & the people in it.
-And I will be sticking to the policies alot more. No more having a ton of leeway.
      -last year over 3G's in shipping. And we do not want to talk about how many freebies or give aways. But I have to stick to my guns more to be able to offer freebies and give aways to those who deserve them. Not to mention I'm tried of being ran over or used and lied to (sad I know, people true colors have really shown their ugliness and pettiness. I hate drama so I keep away/drift away).
     -payment plans: once late will have 20% fee added onto that payment. It's been a part of our payment plans since the beginning.
-shopping around for a new website hosting service. That crash has about done me in and made me lose my hair! I've lost lots of money due to it.

So I'm simplifying my life & sticking to policies lmbo!