Spoil U Photography | How Long Do Galleries Stay Up

How Long Do Galleries Stay Up

June 26, 2018

Here is a list of the typically expected time frame a session will remain in their galleries.  After this time they go into archive, to get out of archive and placed back up for ordering or viewing there is a $25 fee.


Weddings - 1 Year

Non-Corporate Events - 6 Months

Corporate Events - 1 Year

Year Packages - Little over a Year

General / Regular Sessions - 4 Weeks

Pre-Schools & Daycares (for the staff) - 6 Months

Schools (for the staff) - Until the beginning of the New School Year

School Students and their Parents - 4 Months

Commercial / Corporate Sessions - 6 Months



And as per contract, editing can be 3 days to 6 weeks. But this is after payment has been made in full!  We do not work on any images until full payment has been made.  FREE sessions are done in our spare time and DO NOT have a time frame. 

Orders arriving to SUP, 1 to 8 weeks (certain products take up to 12 weeks due to the process of creating the product).