Spoil U Photography | Commercial Photography

When we are asked to come in & do a commercial shoot, we always book a meeting first. At this meeting we go over what you want shot, your ideas, our ideas, and ask/answer any question either one of us may have. Just to make sure the session goes smoothly & fast. We do not want to impede your normal business day or be in the way at all.

All of our images we give you will be edited. We know this isn't how others work, but this is how we work. Because we want you to see great images right off the bat & no more waiting. If you need further edits, no problem just some additional edit have an additional charge. Send a list of image numbers & requested edits. If it's a small edit then generally no extra charge.  If the edit is major, then there could be additional charges.


For more detailed information and to get your personal bid, please book a meeting with one of the owners/photographers 806-316-4412.  





































Additional info.

~Hiring Models/Actors can be included in your bid.

~On certain occasions we do trade with fellow small business owners.