Spoil U Photography | General Pricing & Investments in Your Memories

Here is the General & Premium Sessions information, Year Packages, Seniors, & other specific sessions will be under their own tabs.


Just the Mini Session $75 SUP-ATOW-126SUP-ATOW-126

    ~  20 to 30 minute Session with 1 Location/Studio setting

    ~  No digitals, no package included


Legacy Prices, and receive same as above:









Simple Session $150 
    ~ Sometimes you just need to let the kiddos have fun, take pictures, and then proceed with your session.  The Simple Session is 15 minutes to no longer than 1 hour is perfect for short sweet and simple session.  Like: Siblings session, just a family session, a sweet engagement session, etc.

    ~ 1 Studio set up & 1 nearby location, is how much we can fit in this time frame.

    ~ 10 Digi-downloads

Legacy Prices, and receive same as above:

~ $75





All Inclusive Session $375 

       ~ This is perfect for when you want some of everything.  For example: the family, Mom & Dad, Siblings, each kiddo by them selves, and maybe a few candid's to show how much of a fun-loving  family everyone is.

    ~ If you looking for a New Born or Senior session this maybe the best bank-for-your-buck.

    ~ Typically no less than 45 minutes but no more than 2 hrs. 

    ~ All Images from the session digi-download

Legacy clients, contact photographer/owner.















General Info:

* Payment arrangements can always be made and often encouraged at every first session if the total will be over $300, if you go past your due date then 20% of the total is added and due at your next due date.  This is done every time you go past a due date more than 3 days, which can occur 6 times.

* $150 an hour for overtime, rounded to the nearest 30 minute increment.  This is billed shortly after your session, and must be paid before images are released for viewing.

* Most Sessions are for immediate Families only, traditionally 4 to 5 people (in instances where you have 4 or more children, do not worry).  

          * But need to add a person? Like Grandma?  No problem, Grandparents are an additional $5.  

          * Need to add extended family?  $25 for each additional person or $100 for each additional family.

* Additional purchasing available after images are uploaded to your private personal web gallery.  

* If your images go into archive you have 2 options: book an ordering meeting OR pay the $25 archival fee to have your images placed back up for 2 weeks.  

* Add a Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist for $125 an hr (on location) or $75 an hr if you go to their salon.  All day HMU prices vary.  (You bring your fav Eyeliner and Mascara)


Specialty Sessions: Sarah / Justin of Spoil U PhotographySarah / Justin of Spoil U Photography * These each have their own information, please contact us for more information, or feel free to browse around the website for additional information.
-Birth Photography
-Events Photography
-Hospital & Birth Sessions
-Commercial Photography
-Modeling-book a meeting to discuss all options.
-Sports Photography











Legacy Program clients receive these packages/sessions at a discount.



***No refunds are given unless approved by owners of Spoil U Photography.  We go on children's time not our time, meaning if a child is sick or extra fussy we will reschedule the session; however we do take the time to try our best to get awesome shots.  If weather is an issue we will reschedule.  If you-your child-or someone in your session is sick PLEASE reschedule; we have a child that cannot have antibiotics unless she is VERY sick, so we take all precautions in keeping items in the studio room and home clean.  If your running late please let us know, if we need to reschedule we can.  If you are a no show you miss out on the fun and no refund.  If you must cancel, we will give you 2 tries in the next two weeks after your cancellation to make it up (after that you must start the process over and make a new deposit).  If you receive extras in your order it is simply because we thought you needed that extra awesome picture.  Payment Plans are available if you need to make a large order, however until the order is paid in full you will NOT receive anything and we cannot change your order once it is placed in the system.  Starting June 2014 clients will start receiving their orders in the mail and will have to choose one of the shipping options available in their check out.  For Charity donations or Charity work, please contact us 806-316-4412; Churches and school we give an automatic gift certificate donation.  Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, however we generally do post them on our blog.***

Retainer fee of at least half is due at booking, non-refundable and non-transferable. If you decided to change your custom package, the discounted price will no longer be available.  Full price will go into effect, and must be paid in full prior to images being worked on, viewed, or items received; NO exceptions.  Contract terms are in full effect.