Spoil U Photography | Tips for an Awesome Session

During Your Session
Try to arrive a few minutes early, so we can make the most of your session time. If you would like to bring fun items like your musical instrument, your car or motorcycle and/or family pet, that is perfectly fine.

Select clothing choices that represent your personal style. It's okay to make a powerful statement with colors, styles and accessories. However, we recommend that you avoid excessive patterns, logos and other branding, as it can be distracting. Your session time and wardrobe changes will depend on what session you are doing, so bring lots of options to work with. A wardrobe bag can be very useful in keeping items clean and organized. Make sure to include a few casual and formal selections, so you will have more variety to choose from. Pick outfits that you feel most comfortable and confident in. Here are a few suggestions:
          • Dress head-to-toe! If you wear white tube socks with black dress pants, we can't change the color of your socks later. Lay out your entire outfit and make sure it all works together.
          • Know your school dress code, if your a Senior. Most schools require that your yearbook image conforms to the dresscode, so bring at least one or two outfits that do.  But bring a variety.
          • Accessories rule! We recommend taking a duffle bag and filling it with all the things you love. Ball caps, scarves, jewelry, hats. We are looking for items that are reflections of who you are today.
Families. Solid colors or even similar color hues turn out awesome in pictures.

          • Glasses. If you wear them and you love them, plan on having them on for most of your images. But remember that the lenses can cause glare which can block your eyes. If you don't have non-glare lenses, see about borrowing a pair of empty frames from your optomotrist, or even going without for some of your images.

       Skin. Make sure you get into a skin cleaning regimen at least the month prior to the session.  If you wear makeup please make sure it is the right kind for pictures (or book Cosmo appt with our cosmo-girl right before your session).  Otherwise if you need skin edits we can, but we do charge per image.     http://spoiluphotography.com/tips-for-having-great-skin-before-your-photography-session.pdf
          • Braces.
While you may absolutely love your colored spacers, in 20 years you may not feel that way. If you are about to have Senior pictures done, this may not be the time to add color - unless that is who you are, then go for it! Remember, we can remove most braces during the imaging, but it is a long process and we do charge per image.