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Our most popular is 123 Grow With Me.  6 session starting at maternity all the way until their first birthday.  There is no greater way to celebrate your greatest gift from God then immortalizing their first year and more.  PLUS we often add on BONUS FREE sessions too.


$199 (That's a 1 time charge) - 123 Grow with Me Package - Prints & Digitals   

123 Grow with Me Ad 3123 Grow with Me Ad 3 Each session you will receive these:

1-8x10, 1-5x7, 5-3.5x5, & 5 Digi-downloads

  • Book your Maternity session 2 to 8 weeks from your due date, it's best when your tummy is hard and high-centered.  These sessions are 30 minutes to 1 hr long; with the exception of New Born Sessions.   
  • Newborn Session is best to book within the first few days of birth or within the first month.  The Newer the baby is, the more squishy they are and easier to get to sleep.  If your little one won't sleep, you have the choice to reschedule or the wide awake shoots are just as sweet and precious.  This session is at least 1 hour, please plan accordingly and do not ask us to rush.
  • 3, 6, & 9 Month sessions vary a little bit.  These are great for when the baby learns to hold their head up, begin to sit-up, and  learn to pull up of stand on their own.  Or just sometime within the month they turn 3-6-or-9 months old.  These sessions can last 15 minutes to an hr, but generally it's within 30 minutes.  It just depends on the little one.  Remember we go on their time not ours.
  • The 1 year session is perfect for when the little one begins to walk.  BUT it is also perfect for Cake Smash and Tin Bubble Bath Fun, these are 2 add-on's available with Spoil U Photography toward the end of your year package.  This session can be 15 minutes to 1 hr, just depends on the toddler. 

*Cake Smash Sessions are an additional charge.  You must inform us of all allergies, we let the bakery know in advance.

*Cake Smash with Tin Bubble Bath after is an additional charge.  A great and easy way to clean up after Cake Smash.  Plus they smell awesome after too!

*New standard uploading, due to constant work load will be minimal 4 weeks for these sessions.  Need or Want to view and order your session sooner?  Rush fees are $75 per session, and pictures post within a week of them being taken.

Birthday Party Photographing:  $99 for 1 hr & a piece of cake :)  And you get to download all those images - *This is ONLY available for Grow with Me Year Package clients.

If you miss a session on any year package or any multiple session package we cannot go back in time to change that; but if you wish to make up the missed session there is a $25 make up fee.  But we will only offer this if you mention this when you book the make up session.



Upgrade Options for 123 Grow with Me Package (you can only add these options on at the very first session, you cannot change in the middle of your year package)

               ~All Images Downloadable $895 + $199 (before taxes)

               ~No Prints Just Download Version  $99 (+$199 Package before taxes)

                     -Package Changes to: 10 Digi-Downloads per session









growing with me toddler yearsgrowing with me toddler years Growing with Me Package

the Toddler Years


Perfect for those continuing from ABC Grow with me or 123 Grown with me.  Watch as your lil one grows and grows.  They change so much and grow so fast when they are toddlers, do not miss out!

Each Session is $150 














cupcake smash SUPcupcake smash SUP

Cake Smash

Non-themed Cake Smash Session Special $75 (only on the 2nd Fri & Sat of each month & is a 30 minute session) (Regular pricing $199)

Themed Cake Smash Session Special $125 (only on the 2nd Fri & Sat of each month) (Regular pricing $399)

Some of the Theme's Available:

Mickey inspired

Minnie inspired (pink or red)


Lemonade Stand


Super Hero



Pink & Gold

And so much MORE!






Tin Bubble Bath

These are only available during good weather. These are so much fun for little ones after Cake Smash, that we decided to offer them as a session! These sessions are only available up to 18 months.  Bring a towel & extra clothes.

Add on to Cake Smash for $50 (regular pricing $99)

*Special Discount Rate:  3rd Fri & Sat if the month $75